Corporate Real Estate Management

Corporate Real Estate Management supports the corporate strategy of Bayer AG with customized, competitive and cost-effective real estate solutions for a global Group with local requirements.

With the CREM unit, Bayer Real Estate now serves as a competent partner for the responsible staff in the divisons, service companies and country organizations, helping to develop real estate solutions that suit the requirements. In this way, we enable the operational units to fully concentrate on their core business and create lasting value for the Group through professional real estate management.

Bayer's worldwide Corporate Real Estate Management, known as CREM@Bayer, has a range of objectives:

  • Optimization of value, risk, occupancy costs, quality and flexibility of the real estate portfolio while maximizing value of Bayer as a company
  • Optimization of the balance between real estate costs vs. user/business requirements
  • Assuring a resource-efficient management of real estate activities and high quality standards by further developing a professional real estate environment as well as knowledge and best practice sharing.
  • Contribution to an increase in employees' workplace satisfaction. A main focus is on future-oriented workplace